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Solar Heating & Solar Electric Specialists




The professionals at Solar Ontario brought 40+ years of solar product and solar system design experience, along with the practical knowledge from actually having installed, serviced and maintained over 1,000 residential & commercial solar systems in Ontario, to provide consulting services for your specific solar energy inquiry.

We are no longer active in the solar installation or servicing aspects of the solar business and are only consulting on commercial or municipal solar projects and pool water heat reclaimation / controlling equipment that we design & build.

Solar Ontario has designed and installed solar swimming pool heating systems, solar water heating systems and solar electric systems in Southern Ontario. We have regularly served residential customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) area including; Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas, Waterdown, Milton, Georgetown, Brampton, Etobicoke, Vaughn, Toronto and Richmond Hill.

We do provide consulting services on solar systems outside these areas on a case by case basis, and for municipal, commercial & industrial solar systems across the province.

Solar Ontario was established in 2002 and has since designed and installed MicroFIT, off-grid, behind-the-grid PV systems. We have also designed, supplied & installed our highly-efficient indoor pool waste heat recovery systems and over a thousand swimming pool & water solar heating systems.

Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program Update September, 2021

   The MicroFIT program is over. There is nothing in Ontario to replace it. Net metered PV systems can still be installed where permitted - check your local hydro company.

Net-metering, often seen as the alternative to the MicroFIT program, is available, but does not provide as quick a return (typically 12 - 15+ year paybacks). These systems can only reduce an electrical bill - not generate a (taxable) income from selling electricity the way the MicroFIT program does.

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There is a great deal of misinformation about solar pool heating, solar water heating and solar electric power systems on the internet. Please review our pages if you are looking for accurate & honest information based on over 40 years of in-the-field design, installation & maintenance experience.
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Burlington Pool Heating System 2016

Above -Solar Pool Heating - Burlington 2016. This solar system raised the pool temperature from 40 to 75 degrees F. in 4 days, mid-April 2016

Below - Solar Pool Heating & Solar Pool Pumping - 2014. Solar Power Too!

PSolar Pool Heating and Solar Pool Pumping 2

Solar Ontario also a great deal of experience with commercial & municipal systems with clients from Windsor to North Bay. Our clients -  for some we have done multiple projects - include; the Regions of Peel and York; the County of Simcoe; the cities of Toronto, Windsor, Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga, Corbourg; the towns of Markham, Mildmay and Teeswater. We have also designed and installed solar heating systems on 2 hospitals,  3 schools and several campgrounds & motels.

Solar Heat & Solar Power

few photos below:

Ruston Campground Grand Bend

Solar Pool Heating @ RusTon Campground, Grand Bend June 2016

MicroFIT and Net Metered system in Pickering

10 KW MicroFIT + 10 KW Net Metered System - Pickering July 2016

Cottage PV system for hot water & power - July 2015 
Cottage PV electric system for hot water & power - July 2015

MicroFIT System In Bobcaygeon
Cottage-based MicroFIT PV system - September 2015

Cedar Beach Resort Main Pool
Campground Solar Pool Heating System 1 - July 2015

Cedar Beach Solar Pool Heating System 2
Campground Solar Pool Heating System 2 - July 2015

We've been around for 19 years and we take a practical, honest, engineered / technical approach to solar. No solar myths or green-washing hype are pushed here. Also, when we are consulting for the design of a solar system we are not limited to using only one manufacturer - we can choose from among many suppliers and solar panels for the best product for your specific application - We serve the commercial, municipal and industrial solar markets throughout Ontario. We make Solar in Ontario work!